Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan March 11 - 14, 2018

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Overview of the workshop programme:

The full program can be download below.
Full programme (2018_03_09 updated)

Time Table of WRDM: International Workshop on Wind-related Disasters and Mitigation [2018_02_02]

Date: 3/11(Sun) 1st day

13:00-17:00Study Tour

Date: 3/12(Mon) 2nd day

08:45-09:00Opening Addresses and General Information
09:00-09:50Plenary lecture 1
09:50-10:0010 minutes break
10:00-12:00OS1_1 : Extreme weather and wind-induced damage
[Tornado and downburst : structure, observation]
13:00-15:00OS1_2 : Extreme weather and wind-induced damage
[Tornado and downburst : damages]
15:00-15:20Coffee break
15:20-16:50OS1_3 : Extreme weather and wind-induced damage
[Mid/Small scale events and damages]
G7: Innovative experimental methods for wind-related disaster research +
G8: Computational methods for wind-related disaster research 1
16:50-17:0010 minutes break
17:00-18:30OS1_4: Extreme weather and wind-induced damage
[Global climate, tropical storm and damages]
G8: Computational methods for wind-related disaster research 2 +
G10: Global warming, climate change and extreme weather on wind-related disasters

Date: 3/13(Tue) 3rd day

09:00-09:50Plenary lecture 2
09:50-10:0010 minutes break
10:00-12:00OS2_1: Extreme weather and wind-related environmental issues 1
[Thermal environment in cities]
13:00-15:00OS2_2: Extreme weather and wind-related environmental issues 2
[Rain, snow, sand, etc.]
15:00-15:45Poster session / Coffee break
15:45-17:00OS2_3: Extreme weather and wind-related environmental issues 3
G2: Numerical and physical modeling of meteorological phenomena of extreme wind
17:00-17:1010 minutes break
17:10-18:25G6: Atmospheric dispersion of pollutants +
G5: Dynamics and impact of flying debris
G3: Wind-induced disasters of structures and agriculture

Date: 3/14(Wed) 4th day

09:00-10:00OS3_1: Wind-related disasters in developing countries 1
10:00-10:1515 minutes break
10:15-11:45OS3_2: Wind-related disasters in developing countries 2
12:45-14:15OS3_3: Wind-related disasters in developing countries 3
14:15-14:2510 minutes break
14:25-15:40OS3_4: Wind-related disasters in developing countries 4
15:40-15:50Closing Address

Oral Presentation : 15 minutes including discussion

Plenary and Keynote lectures:

Plenary lecturers

  • Professor Yukio Tamura (Chongqing University)
    • From load estimation to performance estimation - To cope with wind-related disasters in developing and developed countries
  • Professor Juergen Baumueller (University of Stuttgart)
    • Low wind, air pollution and heat stress

Keynote lecturers

  • Professor Hiroshi Niino (University of Tokyo)
    • Understanding tornadoes: A challenge in meteorology
  • Professor Gregory A. Kopp (Western University)
    • Damage to building components and cladding during extreme wind storms
  • Professor Satoru Iizuka (Nagoya University)
    • Future environmental assessment and urban planning by downscaling simulations
  • Doctor Junji Wakui (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
    • JICA's efforts to disaster risk reduction
  • Professor Taiichi Hayashi (Center for SouthEast Asia Stuies, Kyoto University)
    • Historical Transition of Wind Related Damages in Japan and South Asian countries
  • Professor Saw Htwe Zaw (Myanmar Engineering Society, Joint General Secretary, Myanmar)
    • Current construction practices, past disasters and ongoing changes in Myanmar in the context of disaster mitigation
  • Professor Yih-Chi Tan (National Taiwan University)
    • Hazard map of agricultural products induced by the wind and other factors-an example of Bok-choy

Invited speakers:

  • Doctor Karen Ann Kosiba (Center for Severe Weather Research)
    • Observing Near-Surface Tornado Wind Structure
  • Doctor Charles A. Doswell III (Doswell Scientific Consulting)
    • On the global variability of environments favorable for tornadogenesis
  • Professor Yasunori Nakayama (Nihon University)
    • Various wind related disasters in the world observed by satellite
  • Professor Yoshio Tagami (Toyama University)
    • Changes of the storm damage of East Asia in historical times
  • Doctor Yasushi Watarai (Rissho University)
    • Relationship between long-term variation of jet stream and wind-induced disasters
  • Professor Chao Ren (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
    • Urban Climatic Application for Sustainable Environmental design
  • Doctor Masaki Nemoto (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention)
    • Severe blizzard forecasting system and its experimental operation in northern Japan
  • Doctor Xuanyi Zhou (Tongji University)
    • Simulation of snow load based on a multi-layer snowmelt model
  • Professor Jose Mari Meonada (University of the Philippines)
    • Kapit-Bahay: Designing a resilient self-build house
  • Doctor Vu Thanh Trung (Institute of Building Structures, Vietnam)
    • Reducing wind damages to facade structures in Vietnam
  • Professor Ajit Tyagi (India Meteorological Society, India)
    • Wind related disasters in South Asia
  • Doctor Valeria Duranona (University of the Republic, Uruguay)
    • High winds effects on the energy distribution system of Uruguay

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